I Am with the Hunters

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I live in Cardiff, Wales, where I mostly teach sociology, media studies, and Muslims in Britain. I also play music - more often for my kids, now, but I pop my head above the parapets from time to time. I write, too, and have recorded a couple of albums. You can find out more here.

One song on the second record is a unique one - I set an old poem of Leonard Cohen's to music. Here it is, with a mix of photos of me and the late, immortal Cohen.

I have an online community page on Facebook (rather dormant just now). You can find me on Twitter, where I'm rather active but mostly about Muslims in the news (plenty to talk about there...), and I keep an occasional blog, An Earth Without Grammar, with some pieces about music. Finally, if it's music you're after, some of it is uploaded to Soundcloud. Here's one, from the first album.

Thanks for dropping by!